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Mobile acquiring, online register,
inventory, goods and prices


Standard rate – 2.3% and no subscription fees.
For selected register solutions rate – 2.2%.
Rates for special categories see in the table below.
from 1.3 %

Acquiring rate

Special categories Rate
Public, municipal, and government services; charges; penalty interests; fines
МСС 4900, 9211, 9222, 9223, 9399
1.3 %
Fast food restaurants
МСС 5814
1.4 %
Food supermarkets
МСС 5411
1.7 %
Gas stations and fuel
МСС 5541, 5542
1.6 %
Intercity passenger carrier
МСС 4111, 3000-3350, 4511
1.6 %

Payment link

Pay per transaction only.
No hidden fees.
No office visits to connect.

2can Register and 2can Cloud

Connect to 2can acquiring and work free of charge.
For those who use
2can acquiring
Monthly, for those who use
third-party acquiring

Online fiscalization

Service Pricing
Basic services
Rental the cloud-based cash register «Oblako-1F»
1 800 /per month
Device registration with tax authorities
3 000
15-month agreement with the OFD
1 500
36-month agreement with the OFD
3 000
2 500
Online fiscalization service is provided by the Partner